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networx BeamDock - wireless audio transmission for your iPod
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Networx BeamDock
the ultimate wireless sound solution for your iPod
Prerelease information as of 27th December 2004
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Networx BeamDock is the superior wireless audio solution for Apple’s iPod. With its fully digital audio transmission, BeamDock delivers the highest audio quality in a sleek elegant design. Additional features like charging capabilities for your iPod and an additional analog audio input, allowing BeamDock to attach to devices other than the iPod, make BeamDock really unique.

Unleash your music
While other solutions rely on low-bandwidth short-range analog audio transmission, BeamDock uses digital encoding to transmit music from your iPod to your stereo equipment. This allows BeamDock to deliver significantly higher quality, interruption-free audio. It allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes from your stereo system or powered speakers without separating you from your iPod. In addition to its superior audio quality, BeamDock offers a typical signal range of up to 30 meters (100 feet) between BeamDock itself and the receiver - enough to move around with BeamDock and your iPod in your hand.

Ease of use
Just plug your iPod in BeamDock. Now you have a new way to enjoy your music: through your stereo speakers - wherever they’re located in your house. Additional controls on your BeamDock let you increase or decrease the volume - no need to carry your stereo remote with you.

BeamDock’s rechargeable battery allows you a continuous audio playback of up to 8 hours - without any cables connected to BeamDock. When the battery gets low after a long music session, simply connect the BeamDock power supply to charge your BeamDock and your docked iPod. BeamDock will alert you to a low battery charge with an LED that switches from green to red when charging is required.

Additional features
As a real iPod add-on, BeamDock is not only capable of streaming to music from every Dock-Connector equipped iPod. It also features additional connectors, like FireWire and USB, to connect your iPod to your computer via BeamDock. So you can also use your BeamDock as a regular docking station for your iPod, and transmit new music or data from your computer to your iPod with a standard FireWire (4 pin) or a Mini-USB cable.

But what to do if you have music stored on a different device or an older generation iPod without a Dock-Connector? No problem: BeamDock is capable of playing audio from nearly any device using its integrated 3,5mm audio mini jack. Simply connect your MiniDisc player, your portable CD player or a notebook for a presentation - BeamDock beams the audio signal across the room right into your stereo system.

Technical specifications:

2,4GHz ISM Band, 14-channels, FSK modulation, unidirectional

Sampling rate:

Typical signal range:
100 foot range (30 meters),real range depends on building construction

Rechargeable battery:
up to 8 hours of continuous music playback

Controls on BeamDock:
Volume Up/Down, Channel select, Reset

Interfaces on BeamDock:
iPod Dock Connector, 30pin male
3,5mm audio in
FireWire (4pin)
Mini USB
Power supply in

Interfaces on Receiver:
3,5mm audio out
Power supply in

BeamDock comes with adapters to use:
iPod mini
iPod 3G/4G
iPod U2
iPod photo

Beam Dock package contains:
BeamDock iPod dock
Audio cable (3,5mm mini jack both ends)
FireWire 6/4pin cable
Power supply
User manual

Receiver package contains:
Audio cable (3,5mm mini jack to RCA)
Power supply
User manual

Apple, iPod and iPod Dock Connector are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc.
All other product names are trademarks of their respective owners.
Networx, the Networx Logo and BeamDock are registred trademark of Networx.

BeamDock prerelease information, V. 1.0, 12/2004
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

BeamDock will be available starting end of February 2005.

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